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The material and content on this website are information written in general and based on my personal experience. Faronesia blog readers are expected not only to rely exclusively on the information available on this website for their needs.

I make no guarantees or representations, express or implied, of the accuracy or completeness, timeliness or usefulness of the opinions, suggestions, services or other information contained or referred to on this website. I am not responsible for the risks of using this website. Readers of the faronesia blog must be aware that the material and content on this website are only periodically updated, the material or content may not contain the latest information.

I have the right to update or change this information at faronesia.blogspot.com any time.


All articles published on this blog are the result of writing from me which sometimes comes from various media. Articles in this blog may be republished in other media as long as the publication lists credit to the original content. The re-publication does not include the activity of importing all of the contents of this blog into other blogs.

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